About Jeff & Jodi

About Jeff & Jodi Andrysick     Pulteney, NY, Farmers Turned Filmmakers

Frames from YouTube video "Eco-Terrorists at Home." Click to enlarge.

Jeff has been happily married to Jodi for almost 30 years, and as Jeff says, "that's been an unfortunate bit of luck for Jodi."  They met while in college and have built many ultrasustainable homes and buildings themselves over the years.  They walk their talk and try to do something to make the world better.

When the threat of a toxic deep injection well loomed over their bucolic town of Pulteney and Keuka Lake they scrambled into action to keep nearly a BILLION GALLONS of toxic frack waste from being pumped under the town and lake every year.  On Super Bowl Sunday over 600 folks packed their local firehouse setting off what became known as the Pulteney Rebellion.  Democracy worked and no toxic dump came to Pulteney!

Once Jeff and Jodi learned about the extreme nature of fracking they decided to make their first film, All Fracked Up.  Later they produced All Fracked Up 2 and Shale Game (their last film in the trilogy against fracking).  The farm couple of very modest means used their life savings of $35,000 on the films and NY No Frack Summit and EPIC No Frack Event with its 48 speakers from around the globe along with most of the major antifrack filmmakers.  Touring NY and PA for two years like Paul Revere warning towns of the many dangers of fracking.

Using an old jet ski trailer they found for free they converted it into an off grid solar powered work trailer with 12 golf cart batteries, solar panels, table saw, planer, and jointer.  With this rig they built their current homestead which is out of recycled cargo containers and mainly storm dropped trees sawed from their woods.  It is off grid with solar panels and passive and active solar heat.

Jeff and Jodi put off building their multi-vendor farm/craft market (www.harvestandartists.com) while fighting frack, resuming in earnest to get it open.  They are going into their third season: open May thru October: Saturdays 11-4 with additional hours in July plus August (Fridays and Saturdays 11-4 and Sundays 12-3).  "Locally made and grown" is the cornerstone of this community market, which is nice, natural and neighborly.  The buildings are sustainably built with recycled cargo containers and solar energy.  There is also an ice cave constructed of old tires which stores winter frozen ice to make ultra creamy summer ice cream.

The energetic couple also built NY's only three wood fired earth overns sculpted out of clay from their farm, which bakes Keuka Lake area's famous pizza and baked goodies. 

All in all, Jeff plans on spending another 30 years on their chemical-free fruit and nut farm with Jodi, if she'll have him.  They'll make more educational and inspiring films on a wide variety of subjects.  Jeff stresses that being nuts is a trait that helps you be a nut farmer and a filmmaker.